What you provide How much it costs

Here’s all we’ll need from you to help us prepare your site:

Photos, submitted in either finished print form or electronically. If you provide finished prints that you want returned, include an appropriately sized and stamped self-addressed envelope, and we’ll return them to you as quickly as possible. (If an envelope is not provided, the prints will not be returned). It is best if you choose which photos you want us to use. However, you may submit as many photos as you wish, but usage will be limited to the maximum practical number per page. 

Obviously, we’ll need words to accompany your photos. Tell us what you want to say, either specifically or in general terms, highlight what is most important to you, and we’ll help tell your story. Use your imagination! We can use anything you wish to include; history of the vehicle, special features, options or modifications, awards, personal anecdotes…whatever. If you send us more than what can be used effectively, we’ll edit it to fit the space available. That’s why we need to know what’s important to YOU. Also, advise us if you have information that pertains to certain photos, as we cannot match them correctly if you don’t.

Now for the pricing. We currently offer two basic packages.

Package #1 gets you up and running as a member of the DigitalRides domain. For $100, we will create a custom home page for you (including banner and several photos and copy) that will be hosted as part of our server. Your home page will get its own location within our domain that you can direct your admirers to view.

Package #2 steps up to your very own custom site. We will work with you to determine a domain name, do the leg work to acquire it on your behalf and develop your custom web site (custom home page and up to 3 content pages) for $300. This price includes the pre-payment of the first year web hosting fees. All content and domain name ownership are yours.

Additional pages or special programming features are available and can be custom quoted to meet your needs.

Not as bad as you thought, huh? And this is YOUR site! You can begin with the basic website and add pages at any time. We will also make up to 6 photo and text changes for you during the first year at no charge, so if you change wheels, get a new paint job or just want to show the car at a different angle, it won’t cost you anything to update.

Contact us today to get started.